Resources INTER1

“Nomenclature” used in courses

Introduction to typography

The golden rule for information design

Good graphic design practice

1 Computer stuff


2 Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Bridge: mini introduction

For the below, I teach in the “wrong order”. InDesign is covered first because you need it first!

3 Adobe InDesign

Exercise: business card (A+)
Exercise: invitation card (A+)
— some invitation card help tips

4 Adobe Photoshop

Checklist: Introduction to photography

  • Lesson: Photoshop 1 (intro to Camera RAW; includes baboon and shark image exercises)
  • Lesson: Photoshop 2 (Photoshop proper; includes eating ice cream, hot-air-balloon and on-bridge exercises)

Exercise: Photoshop 1 Camera RAW (skatepark wall)
Exercise: Photoshop 2 (Berlin, balloon and landscape, family on bridge, Chanel)

5 Adobe Illustrator

Lesson: Illustrator

6 End-of-course material

Here we discuss things that apply to more than just one of the Adobe Creative Suite applications, or that were not covered in the lessons and exercises so far, or where I feel you need further practice. This is an important lesson.

Lesson: bits and pieces

INTER1 final test/exam example

Each test and exam is different, obviously, but here is an example of a final test or exam, so that you can gauge the general expected standard. The duration of this mock exam is three hours. The final exam will be a little shorter at two-and-a-half hours.