Course content INTER1

1. Computer stuff

The basic IT (information technology) knowledge/skills required by any competent student, professional or executive, and some good practice

2. Adobe Creative Suite

Its resources and applications (including also Adobe Bridge and Adobe Acrobat)

3. Adobe Photoshop : pixels

…plus an introduction to photography, its parameters, and what makes a good image

4. Adobe Illustrator : vectors

…plus considerations in visual identity and some branding

5. Adobe inDesign : layout

…plus an introduction to typography and layout

To master and keep these skills requires practice, practice, practice

Adobe applications required for this course

You are required to install the Adobe Creative Suite, and then load the English language versions of the following applications…

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • Bridge, for viewing and organising resources (files)
  • Acrobat DC, for creating and doing things with PDFs
  • (with the Adobe Creative Cloud installed on your menu bar, of course)

The Adobe Creative Cloud subscription includes 100GB of cloud storage. You are expected to use your Adobe cloud storage, and/or your Microsoft one terabyte OneDrive cloud storage.

Other useful applications included in the Creative Suite

  • Lightroom (not to be confused with Adobe Lightroom Classic): can be installed on both your smartphone and your laptop. All photos that you take with your smartphone (using Lightroom) is automatically synced for editing on your computer via the Adobe Creative Cloud. So cool!
  • Lightroom Classic: for working with camera RAW files, which you should use if you have a camera that permits this — aspects of this are covered indirectly in this course
  • Premiere Pro: for professionally editing video — not covered in this course
  • Premier Rush: for simply editing videos — very quick and easy to learn and use (similar to iMovie)
  • After Effects: for editing individual video clips (motion graphics, visual effects…)
  • Dimension: I kind of Photoshop but for 3D
  • …and there are some more