In INTER2 we start with more of the same, to sharpen your skills. We then do projects, for further practice and experience — and confidence!

Lessons and Exercises

  1. Photoshop: Selection; masking; composites (yellow wall etc.)
  2. InDesign (etc.): Business card design and prep for printing (A Plus Ltd.)
  3. Photoshop: mugshot improvement
  4. Photoshop: Pen tool exercise (beer bottle and boy with glasses)
  5. InDesign: Styles, glyphs, mopping up, etc. (identical as in last year INTER1, but should be re-revised!)
  6. Bits and Pieces (also identical to last year but should be revisited)



  1. Big Document (mini) Project and see Big Document Project feedback
  2. Self-teach assignment topics
  3. Mugshot project
  4. Packaging project
  5. Visual Identity project
  6. Big Book project and some common problems

Final exam sample

Every exam is very different, but here is a sample INTER2 final Graphic Design Skills exam paper, so that you can gauge the general required standard.