In INTER2 we start with more of the same, to sharpen your skills. We then do projects, for further practice and experience — and confidence!

Lessons and Exercises

  1. Photoshop: Selection; masking; composites (yellow wall etc.)
  2. InDesign (etc.): Business card design and prep for printing (A Plus Ltd.)
  3. Photoshop: mugshot improvement
  4. Photoshop: Pen tool exercise (beer bottle and boy with glasses)
  5. InDesign: Styles, glyphs, mopping up, etc. (identical as in last year INTER1, but should be re-revised!)



  1. Big Document (mini) Project and see Big Document Project feedback
  2. Self-teach assignment topics
  3. Mugshot project
  4. Visual Identity project
  5. Big Book project and some common problems

Final exam sample

Every exam is very different, but here is a sample INTER2 final Graphic Design Skills exam paper, so that you can gauge the general required standard.