Free resources for creative professionals

Here I cite some really good and legal free resources.


Unspash is a good first place to look for free images. Note that if you use a free Unsplash image commercially, you are supposed to cite the origin (“Photo by John Blogs on Unsplash”) — which is a reasonable requirement for getting a high-quality free image.

Adobe Stock has a large collection of free images and videos, well indexed. To access these, open Adobe Creative Cloud, and click on “Stock” in the left side menu quite near the bottom — and you will be directed to the Adobe Stock website page. To get free images, make sure that the “Free” option is set at the left of the search field, as shown below. Roll over an image that you want, confirm that “FREE” is written bottom left, then click on “Licence” bottom right, and the image will download.

Other good places to look for free images

If you need a very specific photo, let’s say a photo of Dieppe harbour, then search for it at when you find the photo that you want, then click on the photo, then click on the “Download a preview” icon to download the photograph. While you are still previewing your work, use the photo with the “Shutterstock” watermark; when your design is approved for use, then buy the full resolution un-watermarked image from Shutterstock. It costs just €40 for 5 images, and less if you buy in bulk.


Free fonts:

Sending large files

One often needs to send somebody very large computer files. For this I use It’s easy to use and free for sending up to 2GB, and there is an audit trail in as much as you get confirmation when the file has been downloaded.

For sending even larger files, Fromsmash is an alternative to Wetransfer.

To send large file a little more elegantly, you can use your Adobe cloud storage. Each file has a link, which you can get from opening your cloud storage files on the web. Just email the link.

Dummy text

For generating lots of dummy text, I often use Blind-Text-Generator. But note that InDesign can automatically generate dummy (Latin) text into a text block: to do this go » Type » Fill with placeholder text.

Aside: inspiration

When seeking inspiration when starting a new visual identity (logo, banding et al) project, I visit the BrandNew website. Then click on Browse and choose the industry that interests — and look around.