INTER5 2022

PAO course

The PAO course is 5 lessons of 3 hours each in January and February 2022.

The class is divided into two streams:

  1. Revise group: students who feel that they are not yet “pretty proficient” at InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator do a revision crash-course in graphic design skills. The final course mark is derived from a test at the end of the course, and possibly also from interim tests.
    Self assess: please have a look at this INTER1 mock exam paper: if you think you would pass this (i.e. you know a lot even if you do not know everything), then you are in the Project group.
  2. Project group: students execute a single real-world assignment with some instruction and coaching. The final course mark is derived from an assessment of this project execution.                          

Revise group

Course emphasis

Learn or revise the basic skills of InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. 

Course content

Prerequisite: have the Adobe Creative Suite installed on your computer with the following applications loaded in English: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat DC.

  1. 3 January
    — Look at “Nomenclature” used in courses
    InDesign intro
    InDesign exercises 1 lesson
  2. 17 January
    InDesign exercises 2 lesson
    Business Card exercise
    Invitation Card with these help tips 
  3. 24 January
    Photoshop 1 lesson
    Photoshop 1 Camera RAW exercise
    Photoshop 2 lesson 
  4. 31 January
    Photoshop 2 exercise
    InDesign exercises 3 lesson: styles, glyphs, mopping up
  5. 14 February
    Bits and Pieces
    — followed by Final Test

I might from time to time give an unannounced test during the course. If you miss the Final Test you are required to have cleared your absence with the ISCOM administration.

Miscellaneous useful content
Computer stuff checklist: go through exercise at end of document
Good graphic design practice
The golden rule for information design
Introduction to photography checklist

Project Group

Course emphasis

The course title “PAO” means Publication Assistée par Ordinateur which translates into English as “DTP” for Desk-Top Publishing. This is old terminology, but the course intent is obvious. And, note that publishing does not mean only publishing-for-print.

But, desktop publishing using InDesign with Photoshop and Illustrator cannot be separated from composing compelling content and from sound graphic design. So you will be furthering a visual identity and creating communication pieces for a real project: Treasurehunt Paris. See the project brief for more explanation.

Course content

The project brief can be downloaded from

The deadline for handing this in is (has been moved out to) the end of Thursday 17 February 2022.