INTER2 2021/22: activities etc.

INTER2 “advanced stream” activities and deadlines

During this academic year, you will be undertaking and handing in 5 projects. Occasionally your submitted projects get lost, so you are required to keep your submission for the whole semester, in case I need to ask you to resubmit.

INTER2 ERASMUS stream lessons

Self teach assignment subjects


BOU NAJM-TAYLOR Chloé 1 Adobe Acrobat
LAZAREVSKI Karolina 1 Adobe Acrobat

DE OBALDIA Robin 2 PhS 3D Texts
HOUSSET Louis-Michel 2 PhS 3D Texts
MANUEL Natan 2 PhS 3D Texts

COMPAGNON Anna 3 Infographics
DAUDRÉ Eugénie 3 Infographics

LEVY Gabrielle 4 PhS face-on-other-head
SHAKHUD Izabel 4 PhS face-on-other-head

LIAUD Mathilde 5 PhS layers, selection & masking
MARTIN Daphné 5 PhS layers, selection & masking
MENTZ Eva 5 PhS layers, selection & masking

BEN HAMOUDA Amal 6 Ph remove objects etc.
BUISSON Luna 6 Ph remove objects etc.

KAZEMINEJAD Nina 7 _Photoshop Lightroom


MELIAVA Livia 1 PhS 3D

LAMRI Inès 2a Photoshop Lightroom

KUCH Kelly 2b Photoshop Lightroom

BERG Maëva 3 PhS Filters

BEAUCHAMP Romain 4 Lightroom Classic
COURY Alexandre 4 Lightroom Classic

GODEL Zelia 5 Adobe Premier Pro
BOUSSEMART Loren 5 Adobe Premier Pro

SELLERS William 6 Adobe Premier Pro
Thomine-Desmazures Joséphine 6 Adobe Premier Pro

GIANI OLIVA… Rachel 7 _Infographics
NOURY Louise 7 _Infographics

CANARELLI Laure 8 _PhS Filters
DU RIVAU Marie-Liesse 8 _PhS Filters
FRICK Maria 8 _PhS Filters